Al Bilek: time traveler, witness to the future

We’ve all heard of time travel, but not everyone can boast of having been to the future. Al Bilek is an exception to the rule. He became one of the most mysterious people of the XX century, thanks to his amazing adventures. In this article I will tell you how Bilek got to the future and what he saw there.

The Philadelphia Experiment

It all started with the Philadelphia Experiment, which took place on August 13, 1943. Al Bilek was part of the crew of the destroyer DE 173 on which this experiment was conducted. As a result of the experiment, the ship disappeared for a while and then reappeared. Some of the crew died, some went insane, and some went missing. Bilek was lucky – he survived, but ended up in the hospital where he was treated for radiation exposure.

Journey to the Future

When Bilek regained consciousness, he discovered that he was not in 1943, but in the year 2137. On the television that hung on the wall of his room, he learned about the world of the future. It was a post-global climate change world with catastrophic consequences. Coastlines had changed dramatically and some nations had ceased to exist. The United States and Canada had united under a single military administration, trying to pull the country together.

Bilek also revealed that before the catastrophe, the U.S. tried to create a One World Government, but this was opposed by Russia and China. This resulted in a World War that led to the near total destruction of the U.S. and Europe. In the future, alien technology was used to combat radiation contamination.

Journey to the year 2749

According to Bilek, he was suddenly transported from the year 2137 straight to the year 2749. He spent two years there, but said little about this period of the future. He learned that in the year 2751 there was no World Government. The world was run by artificial intelligence, and the world order could be called socialist.

Time Travel

Many scientists believe that time travel is only possible in theory. But there are those who are confident that such travel can become a reality in the future. Experts note that time travel can have serious consequences for our world. For example, changes in the past can lead to changes in the present and future.

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