Aliens are earthlings’ neighbors from another space

The universe is an infinite space that hides many mysteries and riddles. One of the most controversial and debated topics of our time is the encounters with aliens. Some people unconditionally believe that such encounters have taken place, others treat it with a certain degree of skepticism and sarcasm. But what if, in fact, contacts with aliens have already occurred in ancient times? And what if they are still happening today?

Recently, Indian archaeological scientists have discovered rock paintings in the Charama region that are tentatively estimated to be ten thousand years old. The images in these drawings are of particular interest and raise questions. On them you can see figures dressed in specific suits resembling spacesuits, and next to them – incomprehensible apparatus on three legs. Locals tell legends that these people came down from heaven and took with them several villagers, who were never seen again. This discovery has aroused the interest of scientists and specialists in alien life.

Skeptics claim that all the drawings depicting aliens are actually ritual costumes that were used during a certain period of human civilization. However, scientists who are seriously engaged in the study of possible contacts with alien civilizations provide a different point of view. They argue that there is no reason yet to deny the existence of alien life, and many scientists believe that other worlds exist. Thus, the question arises: could aliens have made contact with humans in ancient times and can they still do so today?

At the moment there is no direct evidence of paleocontacts with extraterrestrials, but there are facts that are difficult to explain. It remains to be wondered whether these facts are proof of the existence of alien life or whether they are the result of human imagination. It is interesting to note that not only Western scientists, but also the Soviet science fiction writer A. Kazantsev put forward a theory about paleocontacts. He suggested that the Tunguska meteorite is actually an alien spaceship that crashed.

It is important to note that the drawings found in India are far from the only ones. Similar images can be found all over the world. And until scientists find a real alien in a spacesuit or mankind witnesses the arrival of aliens, the dispute about whether these pictures are real or not will continue.

But why would the alien need a spacesuit? One possible theory is that the aliens could have used spacesuits to protect themselves from earthly diseases or to avoid getting infected themselves. It is known that when people from different continents come into contact with each other, they can transmit dangerous infections to each other. In the complete isolation of civilization, any virus can become deadly. If we take for granted this view of extraterrestrial life, we can assume that aliens are physically similar to humans and use a similar genetic apparatus. However, there is another hypothesis, according to which there are completely different forms of life in the universe – ammonia or silicon-based life.

In the end, the question of the existence of alien life and contacts with it remains open. There is still no definite proof, but there is no reason to deny the possibility of such contacts. Perhaps in the future, scientists will be able to find answers to these mysteries and unlock the secrets of the universe.

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