Amazing moment: 7,000-year-old drawings on the rocks discovered by drones

Recently, a unique find was made in Australia – using drones, 7,000-year-old drawings on the stone were discovered. This means that these drawings are among the oldest on earth.

Researchers used drones to fly over a desert area in western Australia, where they discovered drawings on rocks that have been there for thousands of years. The drawings were reportedly created by Aboriginal people who lived in the area more than 7,000 years ago.

The drawings depict people, animals and other objects. They are on stone surfaces that have been carved out of rocks. Researchers believe these drawings were created for ritual and religious purposes.

This discovery is of great importance to the study of the history of Australia and its primitive inhabitants. As the scientists note, it shows that the Aborigines were so developed and cultured that they could create such works of art even without modern technology.

Also, this discovery can help preserve the cultural heritage of Aborigines and bring more attention to their history and culture.

Despite the fact that these drawings are thousands of years old, they still amaze scientists with their beauty and technique. As the experts point out, it is an important discovery for the study of human history.

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