American scientists have proven the link between gray hair and stress

Hair can turn gray during a period of stress, and after it is over, it can return to normal pigmentation. This conclusion was reached by a group of researchers from Columbia University (USA), writes eLife magazine.

The researchers took hair from 14 volunteers and divided it into cylinders 50 micrometers in height – about this it grows in an hour. Volunteers kept personal diaries and could accurately correlate the desired date with certain events in their lives.

By tracing changes in pigment content, scientists have found that it decreases with increasing stress levels in a person. At the same time, in some volunteers, the amount of pigment subsequently returned to normal. However, this did not always happen and with age – less and less.

Scientists have also found that graying is accompanied by changes in proteins associated with energy metabolism of the cell, the work of mitochondria and their response to oxidative stress. Thus, it is the dysfunction of mitochondria in hair follicle cells that the authors call the basic cause of pigmentation loss.

In March, the trichologist, doctor of medical sciences Yulia Gallyamova spoke about the methods that will save a person from early gray hair. According to her, to preserve the natural pigmentation of the hair, you need good sleep, balanced, proper nutrition, replenishment of vitamin deficiencies and a healthy lifestyle in general.

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