Americans have created a powder that can provide the army with energy

The modern army in most cases relies on different techniques and devices that operate on electric power. But what to do if all the batteries have sat down while performing a multi-day combat operation, and there is no generator at hand? The US military has developed a miracle powder, even a small handful of which, in contact with water, can produce an impressive amount of energy, which is enough to recharge important devices.

The decision came to scientists as a result of a happy accident. In one of the experiments of the American Army Research Laboratory, scientists mixed nanogalvanic powder based on aluminum with water and witnessed an incredibly violent reaction – the water began to boil very strongly. Further study revealed that the reaction became a product of hydrolysis, as a result of which water was split into composite molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. Previously, aluminum was already used to produce hydrogen, but to start such a process, a catalyst was needed in the form of temperature, chemical components or electricity.

The new nanomaterial made hydrolysis possible without any additives and additional external influences. Just pour the powder into the water and you get energy. The reaction takes place very quickly. Scientists have calculated that in this way from 1 kilogram of powder can produce 220 kilowatts of energy in just 3 minutes. Impressive, is not it? During laboratory tests, scientists collected a small radio-controlled model of the tank and equipped it with a hydrolysis engine based on new material. Researchers believe that the current efficiency of the powder in the future can be increased at least twice.

In the future, according to the researchers, it will be possible to create mechanisms from this material. For example, drones or robots, which, if necessary, could dissolve their own parts to recharge the batteries. This, among other things, will be a safe way to self-destruct strategic weapons. But most likely, the American army will first think of how to supply its soldiers with this nanopowder, so that they can extract energy from it in the field.

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