Amniotic waters of the person scientists have rejuvenated bones of mice

Scientists allocated stem cells from amniotic waters of pregnant women and injected them to rodents with disturbances of an osteogenesis. In few months of a bone of animals “rejuvenated”, became stronger and more flexible.

Scientists collected amniotic (amnionic) liquid rich with stem cells at women and used it for restoration of functionality of joints at experimental animals. According to the report published by the Scientific Reports magazine, such therapy led to augmentation of durability and flexibility of bones and ligaments and at 79 percent reduced emergence of fractures and cracks.

According to Pascal Guillo (Pascale Guillot) from University College London and its coauthors, it will be possible to use stem cells of amnionic liquid not only to elderly people, but also astronauts whose basic device seriously suffers at long stay in zero gravity.

Scientists experimented with amnionic liquid which the women undergoing standard screening on the 12th week of pregnancy, or shortly before labors agreed to provide voluntarily. From these samples amnionic mesenchymal stem cells which were injected in joints of mice were taken. For experiments used the line of animals with an infrequent inherited disorder which leads to imperfect bone formation and the increased fragility of bones – approximately on the same mechanism which develops also at a senile osteoporosis at many ordinary healthy people.

Eight weeks later after an injection of stem cells scientists estimated the number of fractures and cracks which appeared in tibial, femoral and humeral bones at 168 experimental and 156 control animals. In control group of a trauma were noted at all rodents it is universal, is frequent – on several pieces. In comparison with them, at mice of experienced group the total of fractures and cracks was lower for the whole 79 percent, and separately carried out assessment of durability and elasticity of bones showed that they kept an excellent state.

Authors of work add that stem cells of the person in itself didn’t form a new tissue at mice. However regulatory factors which they allocated in an animal organism stimulated body height and division of its own cells, at the same time without framing a high load on immunity.

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