An ancient stone quarry discovered in Malta

Maltese archaeologists have discovered an ancient stone quarry that was probably used in the Greco-Roman era to extract stone blocks. This is an unusually important discovery that may help scientists better understand how ancient people created grandiose structures such as pyramids and temples.

The find was made during construction work in eastern Malta when workers discovered rectangular blocks of stone with clearly visible traces of the tools used to carve them. However, the blocks were never separated from the rock base, which is not uncommon in archaeology. The same pattern is observed in the quarries of Giza.

So far, scientists have not found any characteristic objects that would allow to establish an exact date. However, judging from the peculiarities of the blocks and the entire quarry, it is most likely that these quarries were actively mined in antiquity.

Activity in Malta has been extremely active for centuries. In the middle of the Mediterranean, this island with its deep wind-protected harbours has always had an important strategic position. Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans have been present since the Bronze Age. It is therefore not surprising that the cultural heritage of the island is so rich.

What tools were used by the ancient workers remains an open question.

This discovery may help scientists better understand how ancient people built grandiose structures such as the pyramids and temples.

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