An application has been created that translates the speech of cats into human language

A group of researchers has developed an application that can recognize the speech of cats. The MeowTalk robot analyzes the sounds that animals make, and then, using a database, offers a translation into the human language, writes Geek Wire.

The program has divided the sounds into 10 suggested parameters. The collected collections of sounds helped to mark the main requests in the cat’s speech – for example, the demand to eat, the request to play, or, conversely, to leave alone. The project is based on scientific research on the sounds made by cats.

One of the authors of the program, Javier Sanchez, believes that during the coronavirus pandemic, cats and their owners have become close friends, even if they were not before. Therefore, it is especially important for a pet and a person to learn to understand each other. Sanchez believes that these animals do not have a single language, so the application is individually tailored to each member of the species.

“I joke that dogs can understand human language, but they don’t speak it. Cats don’t care what you say. They may understand you, but they certainly do not indicate that they understand. Moreover, they clearly have their own vocabulary, ”the expert added.

The program is already available for Android and iOS users. In the application, you can create pet profiles, as well as make your own notes, if the owner understands his cat exactly. The next time the program will take this option into account when it hears the corresponding sound from the animal.

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