An unusual fossilized arm of a new species of theropod dinosaur was found in Inner Mongolia

This event was a real boon for researchers who have been studying the history of dinosaurs for a long time. The new species was named Migmanychion laiyang, and it belongs to the clade of Maniraptora cellulosaurs, which eventually evolved into the ancestors of modern birds.

The arm structure of this dinosaur differs from all other known theropod species, which raises the question of what place this new species occupies. Oviraptorosaurs, known for their feathers and resemblance to birds, and Therizinosaurs do share some structural similarities with the new theropod fossil. However, the size as a whole, as well as the ossified carpometacarpus, show a clear difference from other avian fossils found in the same area.

The research team suggests that this is an entirely new species, and hopes to continue searching for additional fossils to better understand the place of this new species in dinosaur taxonomy.

It is interesting to note that the unusual nature of the new fossil has similarities to another fossil found in Japan, Fukuivenator paradoxus. This confirms the theory that dinosaurs were very diverse and adaptive creatures.

Dinosaur fossils are real treasures for researchers. They allow us to learn about long-extinct creatures and recreate their images. In addition, the study of fossils helps us understand how life evolved on Earth.

Many parts of the world are famous for finding dinosaur fossils. For example, the remains of a Tyrannosaurus and a three-horned Ceratops have been found in North America. In Africa, fossils of a Megalosaurus and a Maasai dinosaur have been found. Ankylosaurus dinosaur was found in Australia.

Each discovery of a dinosaur fossil helps us learn more about our planet’s past. This allows scientists to create new hypotheses and theories, as well as to test existing ones. Thus, the study of dinosaur fossils is an important step in understanding the history of life on Earth.

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