Ancient megaliths destroyed in France to build a new store

In France, the destruction of ancient megalithic stones (menhirs), which were destroyed for the purpose of building a household goods store, caused outrage. We are talking about “standing stones” that were erected about 7,000 years ago.

According to France 24, the stones were destroyed in the town of Conflan Saint-Honorin in northwestern France. They were used to build walls and foundations for a new convenience store. However, experts say the stones were part of the historical heritage of the region and were of great value to researchers.

Representatives of local historical organizations said that they tried to prevent the destruction of the stones, but their requests were ignored. They also pointed out that such actions violate French law, which provides for the protection of the country’s historical heritage.

“This is terrible. These stones were part of the history of our region, and now they are being destroyed to build a store. We must protect our cultural heritage and preserve it for future generations,” said a representative of a local historical organization.

The incident provoked a wide response on social media. Many users expressed their indignation and demanded that those responsible for the destruction of the stones be punished.

However, as noted by experts, such cases are not rare in France. Unfortunately, many historical monuments and heritage sites suffer from the unwillingness to protect them by the state and private companies.

The head of the city, who has issued a permit for the destruction of megaliths for the construction of the store in response to a wave of indignation said: “I assess the negative reaction of the public and archaeologists, as excessive and akin to the fact that I have destroyed the Mona Lisa, and it was just a nobody needed stones”.

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