Ancient necropolis discovered in Cyprus during public works

In the Cypriot city of Larnaca, a necropolis with burials from the second millennium BC was found. This was reported by the Cyprus News Agency.

It is noted that the artifact was found during the laying of the last meters of the drainage system under Petrakis Kyprianou Street. Thus, the locals discovered 60 ancient tombs dating from different periods from the XII century BC. before the era of the 1st century. BC. – IV century. AD

According to Pauline Christofi, an employee of the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, a large number of relics were found under this and neighboring streets last year. The specialist believes that this area is located on the site of the necropolises of the ancient city-state of Kition.

A number of finds were later transferred for storage to the archaeological museum of the province.

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