ANDI: a thermomannequin that helps scientists study the effects of heat on the body

Every year the temperature on Earth gets higher and 2023 could be the hottest year on record. Extreme heat can have negative effects on the human body, causing serious consequences such as heat stroke. That’s why scientists at Arizona State University are using the ANDI thermomannequin to study how the body responds to extreme heat.

The ANDI has 35 different zones, each individually monitored by temperature sensors, heat flow and sweat pores. Researchers simulate different weather conditions to understand what the human body experiences in extreme heat. In this way, they can measure the different pathways of heat exposure and determine which interventions will help reduce the detrimental effects on humans.

ANDI is not a new idea. Thermomannequins are commonly used by luxury clothing designers to optimize ski jackets or other thermal clothing items. However, ANDI is being used for more serious purposes, such as research into the effects of heat on the human body.

Researchers at Arizona State University are conducting experiments by changing the temperature and humidity in the thermal chamber that houses the ANDI to recreate any environment that exists on Earth. By doing this, they can understand what happens to the human body during heatstroke.

Konrad Rykaczewski, the researcher, says, “There are some experiments that one would like to do with people, but one cannot do that because someone might get hurt. For example, nobody measures the rise in body temperature of a person who has had a heat stroke. Thanks to the thermomanekin, we can simulate the conditions and see how fast the body temperature rises.

The ANDI helps scientists understand what happens to the human body in extreme heat. It could be useful for people working outdoors, such as construction workers, or homeless people. Time and time again, people end up in hospitals with serious consequences from overheating, and using the ANDI can help prevent these cases.

The ANDI is not the only thermal mannequin in the world. There are a total of ten ANDI dummies, but only two of them are involved in this kind of research. In addition, this particular ANDI is the first one that can be used outdoors.

Using the ANDI thermal mannequin allows scientists to study the effects of heat on the human body more deeply and develop methods to prevent heatstroke. This can help people who work outdoors and others who are at risk of heatstroke.

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