Archaeologists find burials of the Eastern Han Dynasty in China

Chinese archaeologists continue to find amazing artifacts related to the ancient culture and history of the country. Recently a number of burials related to the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) were discovered in China’s Linghai County, Liaoning Province.

More than a hundred different funerary implements were found during excavations conducted by the Liaoning Cultural Relics Institute. Among them were pots, urns, plates, models of stoves and wells. In one of the tombs, archaeologists found a coffin with a well-preserved human skeleton inside.

According to archaeologists, the internal layout of the tombs and the nature of the objects found suggest that they belonged to the Eastern Han Dynasty. This discovery indicates that the area of modern-day Linhai, where the excavations were conducted, was also under the influence of ancient Chinese rulers.

It is interesting to note that the Eastern Han dynasty was one of the most majestic and important dynasties in Chinese history. It ruled for more than two centuries and left a profound mark on Chinese culture and science.

Archaeologists recently discovered another burial site that is related to this dynasty. In 2019, a burial site in Hunan province was found where more than 20,000 pieces of funerary equipment were found.

These discoveries allow us to learn more about China’s ancient culture and its influence on the modern world. China continues to amaze us with its rich history and culture.

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