Archaeologists have found on the Yamal tundra is atypical for burial

Archaeologists Scientific centre for the study of the Arctic called the burials discovered at the archaeological monument Jury-Yakha III in July 2016, atypical. Instead of the expected remnants of dwellings and household utensils found several burials.

First looted the burial belonged to a man aged 40-50 years. The second destroyed the girl of 20-25 years. Two well-preserved burials were the remains of a female aged 18-20 years.

Buried was a miniature body type and low growth. Experts say that the buried had a number of pathological diseases and injuries. A mystery to archaeologists – atypical for the Yamal tundra, the method of burial of the dead they laid in a crouched form, and not in the extended position, as usual, announced in the government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district.

– Moreover, the examination showed that the body of a man after death, set fire to, what, not recorded earlier in the medieval cemeteries in the region, – explained senior researcher of the center for the study of the Arctic, Andrei Plekhanov.

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