Archaeologists have found the clock of the 16th century in Kaliningrad

Everything was as usual. The employee of the enterprise “BaltSpetsArecheology” Yevgeny Pagin began to clear a barrel of lime, discovered in the excavation on the shores of the former Castle pond of Koenigsberg. Today in the former Koenigsberg area of ​​Forsterrossgarten, scientists examine the territory where in the nearest foreseeable future it is necessary to grow up a neighborhood stylized “under the old days” (in any case, so assures the investor). About 300 years ago, the current wasteland between the regional Historical and Art Museum and the Kaliningrad State TV and Radio Company was a handicraft settlement where pottery, foundry, leather and other industries operated.

A little later this place turned into a typical urban area with dense buildings. In August 1944, he was ruthlessly bombed by the British “Lancasters”. In April 1945, the Soviet army stormed the fortress, too, was not particularly ceremonious. In the 1960s, the ruins simply bulldozed, giving this field of activity to future generations. They’ve come an hour.

Zhenya immediately discerned an obvious artifact with a trained eye. In fact, the small bone box turned out to be compound: the inner surfaces were a dial. The fact that archaeologists managed to find the rarest artifact – a portable sundial, it became clear, as soon as the dust was wiped off the dust of centuries.

In one of these barrels lay a portable sundial
“We were lucky even with the exact dating,” says the head of the works, Yevgeny Kalashnikov. – One of the halves of the watch clearly shows the date of manufacture – 1599 year. The fact that they were together with the objects of the next century, should not be embarrassing. Such products were of great value and were passed on from generation to generation.

Specialists can immediately give several characteristics to the find. Firstly, it is really rare: as of 1980, in all the museums of the Soviet Union there were only seven (!) Analogs.

It is clear that the watch was made especially for Königsberg, for it is calculated specifically at 54 degrees north latitude, on which the city is located.

And the third: to own such a valuable object could only a very rich man and at the same time very educated. As an option – a teacher at the local University of Albertina. You can imagine how grieved the venerable professor, by absent-mindedness, dropped his family value into the barrel of construction materials and did not notice it at the time! After all, in the nearest boutique, like today, it was impossible to buy such watches, such an order was carried out individually.

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