Archaeologists reveal the secret: Europe’s oldest dwelling on stilts found

In the heart of Europe, in the bowels of the earth, lies an astonishing discovery that rewrites the history of the continent’s earliest inhabitants. Archaeologists have uncovered Europe’s oldest structure on stilts, dating back some 6,000 years. This discovery gives us a closer look into the lives of our ancestors and allows us to learn more about the technology they used to create sustainable dwellings.

The dwelling found was built on a lake in Switzerland and had a special design that allowed it to withstand water currents and remain sturdy for many years. Researchers note that this indicates the high level of engineering skills and knowledge possessed by the ancient inhabitants of Europe.

However, the discovery of archaeologists not only reveals the technological achievements of ancient people, but also provides information about their way of life. Inside the structure were found remains of food, pottery and other items that indicate that people were engaged in fishing, hunting and agriculture. This supports the assumption that the ancient inhabitants of Europe were not only hunter-gatherers, but also developed agriculture.

It is interesting to note that these pile structures were not only common in Europe, but also in other parts of the world. They were popular in many ancient civilizations such as Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. This shows that different cultures independently came to realize the benefits of this type of dwelling independently of each other.

Scientists believe that this discovery will help them better understand the formation of the first settlements and the development of society in ancient times. They hope that further research will lead to even more exciting discoveries and expand our knowledge of our ancestors.

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