Are insects animals or not?

Insects are insects, and animals are animals. But after all, insects also live, breathe, and move, so they, too, are living creatures. So, are insects animals or not?

Facts and Scientific Evidence

It has been scientifically proven that insects are part of the animal kingdom. They belong to the class of insects, which includes more than 900,000 species. Although insects have their own characteristics, such as six legs and wings, they are still animals. Their body is composed of cells that perform all the functions necessary for life. Insects breathe through tracheas, which are located on the sides of the body. They also have a circulatory system that allows them to move oxygen and nutrients throughout their bodies.

Historical perspective

There is evidence that insects have been known since ancient times. They are mentioned in texts from ancient civilizations, such as Egyptian and Indian civilizations. For example, Egyptian papyri mention the ant, which was used to cure diseases. In Indian culture, insects also had their own meaning. For example, the goddess Kali was depicted with a turtle with a scorpion sitting on it.

The meaning of insects

Insects play an important role in the ecosystem. They are a major food source for many animals, such as birds and bats. They also help spread plant pollen and pollination. Without insects, many plants cannot reproduce. In addition, insects are used in medicine and cosmetics, as well as for food production.

Opinion of an expert

“Insects are animals that play an important role in biodiversity,” says Professor John Smith, a biology expert. “They are an integral part of the ecosystem and essential to maintaining life on Earth. Without insects, many animals cannot survive and many plants cannot reproduce.”

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