Are there subterranean civilizations?

Mysterious underground peoples have long attracted the attention of people. With the first mentions of them in 1946, when American scientist Richard Shaver told about his contact with aliens living underground, a real era of interest in this mysterious phenomenon began. He described an underground world of mutants similar to demons from ancient legends and tales.

Shaver was not the only one who claimed to have visited underground cities and communicated with their inhabitants. Hundreds of readers’ responses confirmed his words and told of various marvels of technology that helped the subterranean inhabitants to control the consciousness of earthlings.

Polish researcher Jan Paenk added new details to the mystery. He stated that there is a whole network of tunnels underground that lead to any country. These tunnels have been found in different parts of the world such as Ecuador, South Australia, the United States and New Zealand. Paenk even managed to find a miner who encountered such tunnels while digging drifts, but they were concreted over as ordered.

A historical fact related to underground civilizations has to do with Nazi Germany. In 1942, an expedition of Nazi scientists went to the island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea in search of an entrance to an underground civilization. Hitler believed that some parts of the earth consisted of voids where super-advanced peoples of antiquity had long lived. They hoped to use radar devices to track the enemy in any part of the world.

Myths about underground civilizations are present in different cultures. They describe these beings as infinitely wise, scientifically advanced and culturally advanced. According to legends, they have created their own civilization underground after terrible disasters and want nothing to do with humans, who are considered inferior and savage. Some believe they even kidnap human children to raise them as their own.

Modern scientific evidence also points to underground activity. U.S. radars at Cape Canaveral have picked up strange signals, and experts speculate that they are sent by intelligent beings. It may be an attempt to make contact with us.

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