Artificial fish tastes as good as real.

Start-ups for the development of artificial meat are already fully functioning and developing, however, artificial steaks are not particularly pleasing to tastes. But with less popular fish, everything turns out to be much more interesting.

Artificial fish practically did not exist on the market – at least until now. A new article in the Wall Street Journal is devoted to a completely new industry for imitating tuna, shrimp and even smoked salmon. And quite unexpectedly, unlike meat (at least for now), artificial fish tastes quite convincing.

So far, none of the brands that are developing artificial fish have achieved great popularity, but there are already several companies working in this area: Sophie’s Kitchen, Ocean Hugger Foods and Good Catch. They use advanced food technologies, which do not grow meat, but turn vegetables in the range from tomato to legume protein into a product with the texture and tastes of marine life.

So far, artificial fish from vegetables has not been recognized in restaurants, but if it is promoted, it will seriously change the state of world fisheries and reduce the amount of fish caught.

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