Artificial intelligence has composed his first melody

Experts Magentа separate groups Google Brain, which is exploring the creative potential of deep machine learning — has published the first song that you wrote the neural network.

Officially, the Magenta group started working in June 2016, but the first experience in the field of musical creativity machines have already been demonstrated at a music festival Moogfest. On the basis of five received music program played a more complex and longer melody.

Program to import music from MIDI files in a platform machine learning TensorFlow — the first of the projects worked on by the band Magenta. In the future, developers will finalize the algorithm to the neural network was able to compose more complex and longer melodies, and will be engaged in development of computer art in the creation of images. Experts of the research team believe that this technology will serve as new tools in the hands of artists and musicians.

Project Magenta is not the first attempt to apply machine learning technology in the works. Previously, researchers from future University Hakodate with the help of artificial intelligence wrote a novel that took place in the final of the literary prize named Shinichi Hoshi. Researchers from the laboratory of the Google Brain during learning artificial intelligence system to understand human speech taught her how to produce a kind of poetry, reminiscent of teenage poetry.

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