Artificial intelligence has learned to write your program

System called DeepCoder created by Microsoft and Cambridge University and allows any people to create their own programs, even in principle, without knowing how to program.

Most ordinary people are completely unfamiliar with programming, just describe the idea for the program, and the system will build it for the customer, says mark Brockshmidt, one of the founders DeepCoder at the University of Cambridge.

DeepCoder uses a technique called software synthesis: creates a new program, compiling the line of code from an existing software — as well as supplied often the person-programmer.

One advantage of this approach to programming is that AI can search more deeply and widely than man, and to compile the source code, as a person would never think of. Moreover, DeepCoder uses machine learning in the study of databases and sorts fragments according to their vision of their possible use.

That is why this system operates much faster than their predecessors. DeepCoder creates a working program for a fraction of a second, while older systems need a moment to sample different combinations of lines of code before combining them together to perform tasks. And as DeepCoder remembers which combinations of source code is working and what is not, constantly improves the result when solving each new problem.

Technology can have many different applications, but researchers doubt that DeepCoder can deprive programmers of the work, but rather to allow to pass the most monotonous part of programming, and allow professionals to take on more challenging tasks. Now DeepCoder can perform tasks that do not exceed five lines of code.

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