Artificial Intelligence in China has received a doctor’s license

The Chinese company iFlyTek from Shenzhen has been working on its artificial intelligence for four years. As a result, the AI ​​program was able to prepare for the exams at the local medical school and successfully passed all the tests. As a result of the exam she was given a doctor’s license.

“We were able to do this before IBM Watson! The system developed by us independently passed the necessary examinations, becoming the first in the world of AI, in terms of its level of qualification not inferior to the doctor-person, “- boasted one of the members of the board of directors of iFlyTek.

And really have something to be proud of. AI iFlyTek Smart Doctor Assistant scored 456 points out of 360 required, but the developers are not going to stop and report that their program is able to learn even more complex things in medicine and in other areas. For example, in jurisprudence.

In the meantime, iFlyTek Smart Doctor Assistant is planning to apply in an area where it has already performed well – it is going to be assigned to assistants to ordinary doctors, because AI can, for example, much faster analyze huge data sets about diseases collected from all over the country, process them and produce concrete results.

For the sake of fairness, it’s worth noting that no one tested the performance of the program, and iFlyTek and Watson did not compare performance, but the program did a really good job – you can not argue.

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