Artificial intelligence threatens stuntmen: the future of movies without real actors

In Hollywood, the role of artificial intelligence in the creation of cinematic works is growing every year. If before computer effects were used mainly to create background figures and special effects, now AI can even replace stuntmen performing dangerous stunts. This new technology is causing apprehension among actors and stuntmen who are afraid of losing their jobs.

Cutting down on movie production costs is one of the main reasons for using computer-generated backgrounds. AI can be used to create complex action sequences, such as car chases and shootouts, without actors. This allows studios to save money on fees and insurance for stuntmen.

However, this advancement in technology poses a threat to stunt work, which is an important part of the Hollywood tradition. From silent epics to modern superhero movies, stuntmen create realistic and dangerous stunts that make movies exciting and unique.

One stunt director, Freddie Busieg, has expressed his concerns about the future of stunt work. He suggests that producers may use AI-generated virtual avatars to replace “unsightly” stuntmen such as pedestrians or car chase participants. This could lead to the firing of many professional stuntmen.

However, director Neill Blomkamp believes that AI’s role in movie making is not yet fully defined. In his new movie “Gran Turismo,” he uses real stuntmen to create realistic car racing scenes. He believes that artificial intelligence will only be able to create photorealistic footage in a few years.

The problem is that actors and stuntmen have no guarantees about the future use of AI in the movie industry. The Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) and Hollywood writers oppose the use of digital copies of actors without their consent and fair compensation. They are demanding regulations that will protect the rights of actors and stuntmen.

The use of artificial intelligence in filmmaking is a complex issue that requires discussion and the development of appropriate rules and regulations. Perhaps in the future AI will become an integral part of movie making, but it is important to find a balance between new technologies and preserving the role of the human element in art.

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