Artificial intelligence will help to protect the borders of Russia

Intelligent decision support for protection of the land borders of the Russian Federation in the Urals, the far East and the South of Russia developed by the United instrument-making Corporation.

The system will help to collect data on land, sea and air environment, able to solve operational, performance tasks, and will also be useful if you need to plan the actions and work of the border services.

The system integrated elements of artificial intelligence, providing analysis and forecasting of the situation and blunder scenarios and routes that may move to violators. In addition, the program can evaluate the possible risks with the weather, locations, border posts, statistics of violations and many other factors.

Deputy head of uimc Sergei Skokov said that the development and delivery implemented by the enterprise Inteltekh. The system itself is, in his words, is completely based on the domestic software development and guarantees the protection of information from leakage and hacking. Skokov noted that the complexes have already passed tests in Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, North Ossetia and Ingushetia, and now to equip them and prepare other sections of the state border.

The specialists of “Intelteh” celebrating the flexibility of the systems, their ability of fine tuning for a specific customer, whereby the development can be used for different purposes and areas. You can, for example, they monitor large industrial facilities to monitor the area for possible emergencies, to provide security in villages, towns and cities.

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