As from random processes occurring life?

As from random processes occurring life? We used to think that billions of years ago earth’s surface was a chaos of molten lava. However, life is subtle and complex, requiring a structure. How come that the structure arose from chance?

If the considered system is isolated, it will move in the direction of chance, there is no interesting structure in it does not remain. It will maximize the entropy i.e. disorder. I do not expect anything in it to identify if some structure and try to form the random motion of molecules destroy it.

However, if you have another source of energy that keeps the system from equilibrium — take the same Ground, only now it Sears the Sun this additional energy source can drive the particles together and create structure. And structure, durable enough to small random movement of background elements they are not destroyed — or at least not had the necessary time, and they can grow and grow. Great scheme, but if it is true?

Recently was made breakthroughs in understanding so-called non-equilibrium processes. There were hypotheses on how these systems, seemingly random, can occur structure. We are talking about any structures, but, of course, the most interesting question — could it be life: RNA molecules and so on.

This gentle creature and to be feared, that the random movement in the “soup” will destroy them. But maybe they are not so gentle? And they may be the predictable result of the presence of random in the earth system energy from an additional source?

Until we can answer these questions…

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