As the abuse of robots will lead to the collapse of humanity

This week Boston Dynamics closed the show demonstrated its new robot — Handler. Afraid its creators: it is said that he strikes fear. However, this is not the scariest development. In the Arsenal there are still robot cockroach, dendrobates, jumping on wheels and, of course, known to all as “dog”. Remember what cars were American company and that is capable of their robots.

The main feature of the Handle that the robot moves on two wheels like a Segway scooter. Its creators explain that it is an experiment on the combination of wheels and limbs with dynamic balancing system. Besides the fact that the robot, according to the company, “frightens”, he is able to carry quite heavy loads and jump over obstacles.

Wide acclaim the company is still not two-wheel and four-legged robots. The first BigDog was developed in conjunction with NASA and the Harvard funds Agency DARPA in 2005 for transportation equipment. This 110-pound keg with legs moving across rugged terrain at a speed exceeding six miles an hour, raises 154 kilograms of cargo and overcomes steep slopes up to 35 degrees.

Based LS3 (Legged Squad Support Systems), or AlphaDog, was designed by the military. He has been through many trials, but the noise of its engine internal combustion unmasked position, and in 2015 the company has stopped the project BigDog, switching to other machines. One of them is a Spot with an electric motor. The robot has significantly decreased in size, but could not carry heavy loads. He later evolved into an even more compact SpotMini

The most interesting four-legged robot Boston company Cheetah (“Cheetah”), developing a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. But he is devoid of hydraulic system, therefore, remains “tied up” and can run only on a treadmill. He has unusually flexible back, making it possible to increase the speed. Created on its basis the WildCat is not as fast, but got rid of the leash.

The company little version of “dogs”, like LittleDog. It was developed for research purposes to study the motion. Thanks to the efforts of six universities (mit, Stanford, etc.), the engineers were able to create and test the perfect control algorithm. The robot can easily overcome obstacles on the ground, to assess the safety of a route and to distribute the load on the limb.

A very unusual climbing up walls and trees hexapod robot RiSE. It weighs only two kilograms and climbing up vertical surfaces at speeds of 30 inches per second. The design allows you to adjust the elevation, and the tail helps balance on steep ascents.

One of the most successful small six-legged robot RHex. His legs are bowed springs, rotating around its axis. He makes about four kilometers across rugged terrain, swim, climb the stairs and jump. This robot cockroach can jump onto obstacles with a height of 29 inches and cling to ledges up to a height of 73 centimeters. It was created for reconnaissance and operated by radio at a distance of up to 700 meters from the operator.

For intelligence purposes was developed and SandFlea. This wheeled five-kilogram robot that resembles radio-controlled cars, jumping much better than RHex, nine meters in height. He jumps through Pnevmostroimashina with compressed carbon dioxide, which is enough for 30 jumps. The robot had to be tested in combat conditions in Afghanistan.

The first anthropomorphic robot Boston Dynamics PETMAN was designed to test military clothing with chemical protection. The robot balances and moves freely. In addition, PETMAN simulates human physiology by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating when necessary, to provide real test conditions.

The logical development of humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics — Atlas. This is not just a device to check the uniforms, and the machine able to solve complex problems. The robot can easily overcome difficult terrain, uses arms to balance, carrying loads and climbing vertical obstacles. Experts are constantly improving the robot, giving it new skills and training to overcome new obstacles. But, unfortunately, after the publication of the video with the bullying Atlas, Google decided to get rid of Boston Dynamics.

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