Asia predicted a catastrophic shortage of drinking water

Scientists from the Universities of Pennsylvania and Texas, as well as Tsinghua University, have concluded that climate change will cause a catastrophic shortage of fresh water in Central Asia by the middle of the century. The reason will be the melting of snow and ice in the Tibetan Plateau, which provides water to about 2 billion people. This is reported in an article published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Experts analyzed satellite data on the volume of water reserves in glaciers, as well as lakes and underground sources of Tibet over the past 20 years. It turned out that over the past decades, climate change has led to the depletion of water reserves in certain areas of Tibet by 15.6 billion tons per year.

It is expected that if the burning of fossil fuels is not reduced, then we can expect an almost 100 percent loss of available water in Asian regions.

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