Astronomers from Russia caught a possible alien signal

Astrophysics of the Special astrophysical Observatory in Nizhniy Arkhyz recorded a very unusual signal from HD164595 star system in the constellation Hercules, has the potential to be a marker of activity of extraterrestrial civilizations, said Amateur astronomer Paul Gilster.

This signal, as the blogger writes, was captured by the Russian radio telescope RATAN-600 over a year ago, may 15, 2015 at a wavelength of 2.7 cm. Signal were very isolated and it was brighter than the Moon or a typical pulsar about 8-10 times.

Since then the signal never repeated, but at the end of last week the staff, the CAO has decided to share with the scientific world with his discovery, writing letters to astronomers. One of these letters fell into the hands of Gilster, who decided to announce the opening signal from HD164595 the public.

This star is an analogue of the Sun, which is at the distance of 95 light years from Earth. Year ago near HD164595 astronomers have discovered large exoplanets, hot Neptune, whose mass is 16 times higher than the earth and which revolves around the star in 40 days.

Despite the fact that life on this planet and its satellites is hardly possible, two teams of astronomers from the Institute of search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI has listened to the calls of Russian colleagues, who spoke about the need for continued surveillance HD164595, and began observing this star this Monday.

One of them runs a leading SETI astronomer Seth Shostak (Seth Shostak), the other Arcs Vakoc (Dough Vakoch), President of the METI programme, aimed at the establishment of communication with aliens, and not just their search. According to Shostak and Vakoch, HD164595 will follow for the ATA telescope, the main instrument of SETI, and a number of other devices that are available to members of the organization.

The primary concern gives rise to signal – he is too strong for it to be able to leave civilization similar to ours in that if the radio transmitter radiates waves in all directions at once. Such a signal could generate only so-called kardashevskaya civilization type II, mastered the energy of the sun (in this case HD164595) for their needs. On the other hand if this radiospire was directed towards the Earth intentionally, then such a scenario is possible.

The discovery of this signal, according to Gilster, will be one of the main topics for discussion at the annual meeting of the Permanent Council of SETI when the International astronomical Union, which will be held on September 27 in Mexican Guadalajara.

According to scientists, the essence of this signal is not yet clear, but they almost completely exclude the possibility that it could be generated by noise and interference. Apparently, HD164595 will be another unusual mystery space, like the newly opened star KIC 8462852, around which exist a high-tech Dyson sphere, or a famous signal Wow! 1977.

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