Astronomers have recorded the movement of the Crimea towards Russia

Scientists found out that the Crimea moves towards the mainland of Russia, professor of institute of applied astronomy of RAS Alexander Ipatov told journalists at the bottom of Space science. Speed of its movement constitutes 2,9 mm a year.

According to him, when the Crimea joined Russia, scientists tried to solve a problem about movement of tectonic plates to understand where the peninsula moves. “It turned out that it moves to Russia — the northeast” — professor shared.

Research of similar processes are very important for development of technology of a radio interferometry with superlong bases (RSDB). Scientists need to know distances between antennas which quite often are located on different continents.

In Russia the similar technology is used in the Kvazar-KVO complex. It includes three radio-astronomical observatories: Badara (Republic of Buryatia), Zelenchukskaya (Karachay-Cherkessia) and “Light” (Leningrad region).

These observatories are connected to the St. Petersburg Control center, collection and data processing of fiber-optical communication lines in the global radio telescope. Its effective diameter of “mirror” exceeds 4400 km. With the help of “Kvazar-KVO” scientists obtain high-precision coordinate and time data for basic researches.


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