Astrophysicist spoke about the collision of the Earth with the alien planet

Astrophysicist Xiaolai Zhang of the George Mason University (USA) admitted that the disintegration of Rodinia’s supercontinent is caused by the indirect collision of the Earth and the wanderer planet.

Collision could occur about 750 million years ago, when the disintegration of Rodinia began. The proposed area of ​​impact of an exoplanet with a craton (an ancient platform), according to Zhang’s estimates, fell on the Colorado plateau.

Its area of ​​337 thousand square kilometers allowed the scientist to estimate the parameters of the planet-wanderer, which by mass and size should be comparable to Mars.

Zhang believes that the crash resulted in the passage of the solar system through one of the galactic arms of the Milky Way. It is likely that originally the wandering planet arose near one of the stars, which then exploded like a supernova.

The hypothetical supercontinent Rodinia arose about 1.1 billion years ago and was a single land site surrounded by water (the ocean of Mirovia).

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