Asus has created a robot companion

Asus has introduced at Computex 2016 robot companion called Zenbo.

The novelty will appear on sale at a price of about $ 600. The robot can perform the function of interactive toys for children or carers for the elderly. So if he sees that the man fell down, immediately call for help.

Zenbo can be programmed to control household appliances. In addition, the robot will fit in an entertainment system and an interactive assistant. For example, it is able to search for recipes online and voice them. When cooking food will also be useful to sound timer.

The robot understands voice commands, but for control you can use the touch screen. Zenbo is possible to manage remotely over the Internet via a smart phone. In this case, the robot will act as a mobile CCTV camera. The device allows you to make video calls, make orders in shops, to watch videos and TV shows. To play the sound in Zenbo provides high-quality stereo system.

The robot has a whole library of tales, which he can read with different voices, the story accompanying relevant images.

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