At the bottom of the Mariana trench discovered many strange creatures

Underwater camera apparatus Oceanos Explorer found at the bottom of the Mariana trench many previously unknown creatures, and scientists are at a loss to say what they saw.

In April this year, the National oceanic and atmospheric administration has begun to explore the Mariana trench with the help of Oceanos Explorer. In the first weeks of operation of the apparatus of his camera registers a previously unknown jellyfish. Photos and videos from the bottom keep coming, and new animals becomes more every day.

Identify some of the organisms seen oceanographers are at a loss. In the picture below mysterious live hemisphere. Scientists believe that they belong to the phylum Cnidaria (flowing down), or Bryozoa (bryozoans), but note that to select between the two types is all the same what to confuse a monkey with a cockroach.

For other discovered at a depth of 6 km animals is difficult to determine even the typical affiliation: marine scientists are almost certain that this animal, not a plant or fungus, that’s all the information.

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