At the bottom of the Tyrrhenian Sea discovered the ancient Roman Las Vegas

The lost city of Bahia was found by scientists on the west coast of Italy.

Archaeologists have discovered on the west coast of Italy the flooded ancient Roman city of Baia, which is considered the prototype of modern Las Vegas. In the city, the richest citizens of the Roman era spent their time in entertainment.

It is noted that the city for a long time was considered lost, it was searched for almost 1700 years, until recently found under water on the western coast of modern Italy. It was located at a distance of 240 kilometers from Rome and 80 kilometers from Pompeii. In the discussion of Bahia, archaeologists always compare it to Las Vegas, as the city was dotted with expensive and luxurious mansions.

Like Pompeii, Bahia was a victim of volcanic activity, however, the events were not so dramatic, just the coastline moved back about 400 meters. Now on the site of the city is the Gulf of Naples.

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