Australian discovery: specific ribonucleic acids linked to DNA mutations and cancer development

A new cause of cancer: Scientists in Australia have found a link between specific ribonucleic acids and mutations in the DNA of cells that lead to the development of the disease. This discovery opens up a new field in medicine and molecular biology, allowing knowledge of these molecules to be used to treat cancer in its early stages.

Dr. Simon Conn, the paper’s lead author, noted that this is the first example of a genetic molecule that is found in many people’s bodies that can cause a mutation in DNA and trigger cancer from within. He also added that this discovery makes it possible to treat cancer in its early stages, when the likelihood of cure is much higher.

Diagnosing cancers at increasingly early stages is becoming a pressing issue on the agenda for the global oncology community. Last year, Moscow began testing neural network-based services for cancer diagnostics. As part of the project, doctors created digital copies of biomaterials and a unified database of histological images for testing and training artificial intelligence.

This discovery allows scientists to develop new treatments for cancer in its early stages, which could save many lives. However, more research is needed to fully understand the cancer process and the effectiveness of new treatments.

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