Australian resident discovers giant insect

An Australian man has a new phobia after encountering a stick insect – possibly the largest in the country.

Brendo Kerridge, from Australia, decided on a warm May morning to sweep the yard of his house and, out of common sense, went to get a broom – it was stored in the shed.

Upon entering the outhouse, the owner did not turn on the light, took the equipment, and headed for the porch. He didn’t yet know what surprise awaited him.

When Brando stepped out into the light, he noticed someone sitting on the brush. The man looked closely and almost threw the mop away – there was a giant stick insect sitting there.

According to the owner, his mop is 35 centimeters wide, and its passenger, judging by the photo, is even larger. Kerridge had his phone in his pocket, so he didn’t miss the opportunity to take a couple of pictures with the uninvited guest.

The stick insect, as its name suggests, resembles the twigs among which it lives, which provides it with one of the most effective natural camouflages on Earth.

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