Australia’s Pterosaurs: Flying Monsters Over the Antarctic

Archaeological finds in Australia confirm that pterosaurs flew over Antarctica in ancient times. These ancient reptiles, which lived on Earth more than 66 million years ago, were among the first creatures that could fly. Their wings were formed of skin and muscle, and their bones were hollow and light, allowing them to fly long distances.

Scientists recently discovered pterosaur bones in southern Australia. These bones have been dated to about 105 million years ago, making them the oldest pterosaur remains in Australia. They are also the first evidence that pterosaurs flew over the Antarctic.

According to research, pterosaurs were capable of flying up to 10,000 kilometers. This means that they could fly over Antarctica to reach new habitats and food sources. It also means that pterosaurs were among the first animals to conquer this remote and cold continent.

In addition, scientists have discovered that pterosaurs were very diverse creatures. They had different sizes, shapes and colors of wings. Some were very large, reaching the size of a small airplane, while others were much smaller. Some were capable of flying long distances, while others were more suitable for short flights.

As scientists point out, pterosaurs were some of the most amazing animals that ever lived on Earth. They were the first creatures that could fly, and they left their mark on the history of life on our planet.

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