Beetles-scarabs will help to speed up the Internet several times

Shiny gold scarab beetles have acquired such unusual coloring due to the presence of special nanostructures in their elytra that can reflect light “twisted” in any direction. Their artificial copies will help create ultra-fast data transfer systems, according to an article published in the journal Royal Society Interface.

“The brilliant gold color and the unusual polarization of light reflected from the shell make gold scarabs really unique creatures compared to thousands of other beautiful insects and animals on the planet.These beetles can serve as an example for the development of new optical systems that we could not have thought of before, – says Pete Vukusich (Pete Vukusic) from the University of Exeter (UK).

In recent years, scientists have been actively studying the properties of so-called metamaterials – artificial structures from a variety of individual pieces or nanoparticles capable of interacting in an unusual way with light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation. Metamaterials, as physicists now believe, will form the backbone of ultra-fast light computers of the future and other futuristic gadgets.

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