Biohacker: people who the first will cease to be human

For some people, the human body is not a temple. Instead, they see only a disappointment as compare to its limits with the powerful technologies available today. Over the last few years appeared and took root, the new course of biohackers, or “grinders”, which are experimenting with technology, trying to improve my body all imaginable and unimaginable ways. This is largely raw and interesting field experiments that reverses established ethical beliefs upside the head. Further, in the first person: Ryan O’shea, Grindhouse Wetware.

Much time has passed since then, as in 1998, was installed my own first electronic implant — a simple RF transmitter. He allowed me to open doors and turn on the light with a simple hand movement. So to put it, I needed the help of each surgeon, in order not just to drill a hole in the hand, and make sure that it will remain in place and will not take no infection.

The majority of bohaterow today do not have this luxury and instead learn to conduct operations, learning the basics of medicine and sterilization (often just wiping needles and scalpels with alcohol). In 1998, I had the convenience of local anesthesia, which today do not all, limited to a friend nearby that will pick up in case of fainting.

Probably the most popular chip implant is the radio frequency identification (RFID), recently acquired NFC form. It is, in fact, the same technology used in contactless payment cards, perhaps that is packaged in a small tube the size of a grain of rice. In 1998, my RFID was long with inch — technology obviously has grown since then.

Durability and reliability — not a problem. My colleague Mike Gasson mounted RFID in 2009, and it still works perfectly, no failures or operational problems. But in order to transfer energy to the implant and to contact him, need external technology.

Over the last couple of years we have seen a number of companies come into this field, although cynics assert that they are doing this more for PR. In January 2015, for example, blew that Sweden was chipped a few hundred employees. With implants which was applied in the form of a tattoo — the staff could open the doors and activate the photocopier.

For bohaterow the range of possible technologies that can be implanted, a very wide and varied. Software developer and biohacking Tim cannon has many implants. Of recent acquisitions — the Northstar, which lights when approaching the magnet. His company in Pittsburgh, Grindhouse Wetware, actually develops technologies for biohackers. There is still left Anonymous (Lepht Anonym), which plans to implant a small chip with a compass in the left knee along with a coil power supply which can be charged from outside.

Participate in this movement and the artists. Moon Ribas, the Spanish artist-avangardistki, implanted seismic sensor in the elbow, which allows her to feel earthquakes through vibrations. At the same time colorblind Neil Harbisson, pinned to his skull a camera. Different colors cause vibrations of different frequencies, which are transmitted to the skull, allowing it to recognize colors with high precision. And as Stelarc, who has grown an ear on his arm?

Many biohacker implanted magnets in their fingers. You can activate them small coils of wire connected with external sensors, ultrasonic or infrared. This allows the recipient to “feel” the distance to objects or remote heat. My student Ian Harrison conducted a detailed study to work on a doctorate, which included the implantation of magnets to show how responsive are these magnets.

But the most advanced example is neurohacking, which includes the modification of the brain and nervous system. In 2002 I had the BrainGate device implanted in the nerves of my hand that allowed me to manipulate the robot arm via the Internet using only your mind. It also gave me an additional ultrasonic feeling, so when the object came closer to me, my brain is stimulated electronic pulses of a higher frequency. Not long ago, such an implant used in medicine to allow the paralyzed to regain some control over own hand.

It is obvious that biohacking there are serious advantages that only grow with the development of brain-computer interfaces. Over time, we will witness how these implants are used to improve the person to improve memory and communicate using only thoughts.

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