Biokhaker defended in court the right to pay for travel with an implanted chip

An Australian named Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow implanted an Opal electronic map under his skin a year ago. And all would be nothing – but one cautious controller fined him.

Biokhaker could not convince the controller to count the money from his hand. To defend their right to pay for travel with an implanted chip, the Australian went to court. And he lost it: no reason that Meow-Ludo honestly paid for all the trips and did not risk losing the card did not affect the judge. The decisive was the accusation argument, according to which the biohaker spoiled the card, having put it into his hand – and this violates the conditions of using the Opal card.

Meow-Ludo did not agree with this decision, and appealed to the district court. The case was examined last week and ended with the triumph of biohakerism. The court overturned the earlier imposed fine, since the biohaker regularly paid for travel and did not have criminal histories in the past.

Sam Meow-Ludo believes that his method of payment is absolutely legal. Moreover – the payment for a traveled travel card does not differ from payment by a smartphone, which is already used in many countries. The Australian is confident that soon people will begin to massively chip. “Just the technology I use is ahead of the law,” he says.

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