Biokhaking will increase life expectancy to 120 years

Member of the Expert Council under the Government of Russia Yevgeny Kuznetsov said that with the help of biohacking it is possible to increase the life expectancy to 120 years.

Kuznetsov noted that to date a large amount of data has been studied, which indicates that the human life expectancy is 120 years.

“For a person, this limit is about 120 years. Whether it is possible to break this barrier – while a question debatable. Someone says that it can be 150 years old. But while 120 “, – he said.

The expert also added that one of the main tasks of biohaching today is to create conditions for the extension of youth.

The publication specifies that biohacking is an approach based on the use of available tools for improving the quality of life, including including methods of genetic engineering.

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