Biologists learned about the arms race between suryadevara the newts and snakes

Scientists found out how the snakes inhabiting the territory of the U.S. state of Oregon, learned without much harm to your life eating a poisonous yellow-bellied lizards – the mermen. Biological protection of snake has got 170 million years ago, as their ancient ancestors were lizards.

The group of American biologists, failed to disclose a method of effective protection, by which reptiles – snakes, successfully feed on highly poisonous amphibians – newts. The scientific publication of The Atlantic indicates that the newt species Taricha granulosa, a detachment of amphibious, capable of releasing a deadly tetrodotoxin, which is 10 thousand times stronger than potassium cyanide. Biologists have determined that the snakes prey on Taricha granulosa, have a high resistance (biological stability) to tetrodotoxin.

The poison of snakes is blocking the holes located on the surface of nerve and muscle cells (sodium channels). Sodium ions, in the end, can’t go through channels, and the muscles and nerves are failing. But one of the eight types of sodium channels in the body of the serpent changed form, becoming invulnerable to poison another 170 million years ago, in the body of the lizard ancestors of snakes, and snakes in particular. Report of the scientific group published in the journal Current Biology.

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