Blogger invented a device to control the dog

As you know, you can hack everything, even the nervous system of a living being. Youtuber William Osman invented a wonderful device, which, according to him, allows you to manipulate the dogs. What actually is a mysterious device and how was the field test? Rest assured, this is not something you expect to see.

As you know, in our age of the winning technologies there are a huge number of strange and even useless gadgets, the purpose of which sometimes causes sincere bewilderment. However, if you are the proud owner of a possessed food bulldog, then the best you can come up with is to equip pet remote areas, working on the sausages.

This idea came to mind utuber William Haussmann, who developed this deeply intelligent device manipulation to “biannual” your English bulldog Barkley. The basic concept is old as the world method of a whip or stick by which the dog can be directed in any direction.

Video sheds light on some technical details, though he William gives quite an overview of ready-made gadget. For those who want to collect and perfect the miracle-the device, the description under the video, there are detailed instructions for Assembly.

What happens when a mysterious device manipulation of the dog’s mind is set? In the case of Barkley, it’s quite simple: the dog only puzzly twirled on the spot, wistfully looked at the treat, and went about his dog business. He’s a good boy.

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