Boscops: mysterious creatures with huge brains and baby faces

In 1913, in Africa, near the town of Boskop, strange skull bones were discovered, which attracted the attention of researchers. It turned out that these remains belonged to people who lived about 30 thousand years ago, and their brain volume was 30% more than that of a modern man. That’s why they were called boscopes.

The huge brains of boscopes allowed them to have the highest mental abilities. American neurophysiologists Gary Lynch and Richard Granger emphasize that the frontal lobes of boscopes were so developed that they could process several streams of information in parallel and analyze complex situations with a large number of possible outcomes. They were more intelligent than we are, as much as we are more intelligent than apes.

In addition, boscopes possessed amazing faces that resembled childlike features. Their chins were small, their noses tiny, and their eyes large. Their appearance matched anthropologists’ ideas about the human of the future.

According to anthropologists and futurologists, in the future, human appearance will also change. Increased brain volume will be necessary to process a huge amount of information, and faces will become childlike – round and with small chins. The process of evolution may lead to the reduction of teeth or their complete disappearance.

However, despite all the interesting facts about boscopes, their disappearance is still a mystery. In the early 20th century, anthropologists decided that the remains of boscops belonged to sick individuals and lost interest in this discovery. But the famous anthropologist Raymond Dart in 1923 described these findings in detail and proved that a large brain in boscopes is not the result of disease, but is the norm.

Modern research continues to be controversial. Researcher Tim White denies the existence of boscopes as a separate species, but anthropologist Hawkes insists that the skulls found belong to representatives of the modern Khoisan race living in South Africa. Biologist Sergei Savelyev suggests that boscopes could have been one of the variants of brain evolution that proved unsuccessful, as supporting such a huge brain requires large energy expenditures.

It is interesting to note that ufologists consider boscopes to be similar to “gray” UFO pilots. These creatures are small in stature, have grayish-green or grayish skin, and large almond-shaped eyes. They also possess a disproportionately large head, small nose and mouth.

In conclusion, boscopes remain a mystery to science. Their huge brains and baby faces have sparked interest and controversy among scientists. Perhaps in the future we will be able to uncover all the secrets of this mysterious people.

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