Breastfeeding is useful for the development of intelligence in children

Scientists have received strong evidence of another beneficial properties of breast-feeding. It turned out that mother’s milk is directly related to the development of newborns in many areas of the brain, which ultimately has a positive effect on their entire later life. Those children who were fed breast milk have a higher IQ, better memory, motor skills and academic performance. The results of their research by American scientists published in the edition of The Journal of Pediatrics.

A team of researchers from the United States gathered a group of 180 children who were breastfed for at least 28 first days of life. Having examined these children at age seven, the researchers came to the conclusion that the volume of their brain, as well as the results of tests on motor skills and cognitive abilities like reading, math skills, speech, visual perception and memory largely outperformed their peers arriving after the birth feeding on the various milk mixtures.

Scientists with one voice recommended to do everything possible to the child immediately after birth received mother’s milk, not substitutes based on cow’s milk. This is especially critical if the child is born premature. Often in such cases weaned from his mother in order to save and allow his body to develop to a certain condition. Of course, scientists understand that children’s development is influenced by so many external factors and breastfeeding is just one of them. But, as demonstrated by the study, this factor is very important and cannot be ignored in any case.

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