Can a person change their destiny?

Famous prophecies and cases of miraculous salvation make us wonder whether man has a destiny. Ancient legends and historical events offer us reflections that the future can be predicted in advance. But how does this happen? And to what extent can we control our destiny?

One of the most famous predictions is the biblical legend of the birth of Jesus. The Magi foretold Herod that a girl born on January 7 was destined to become king of Judea. Terrified of losing his power, Herod ordered to kill all the babies born on that day. However, the baby born in the hayloft escaped this fate and became not an earthly but a heavenly king of Judea. Some historians claim that King Herod died before Jesus was born, but this does not diminish the significance of the prediction.

The famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was also associated with prophecies. He was predicted to die in his thirty-seventh year of life from a “white man,” a “white horse,” or a “white head.” And, as we know, this prediction came true – Pushkin was killed by Dantes, a blond man who rode a white horse.

In addition to famous predictions, there are also cases of miraculous rescue, which can be interpreted as a manifestation of fate. For example, a helicopter in which a man fell out of an open door at an altitude of 800 meters was saved by the fact that he used his bodycloth as a parachute and hooked onto the top of a tree. This accidental rescue can be called fate.

Also worth mentioning is the story of Konstantin Nikolaev (name changed), who lost consciousness after hitting his head on a river rapids and woke up in the open sea. Despite a strong storm, he managed to stay on the water for 17 hours until he was rescued by a passing ship. This case demonstrates that fate can play an important role in saving a person.

However, despite all these stories and legends, we cannot definitively say that fate exists. Many scientists believe that all events in a person’s life are determined by their choices and actions. Each person has free will and can independently influence his or her life.

Ultimately, the question of the existence of fate remains open. We can only guess and ponder how the world works and how we can influence our lives. Perhaps we will find the answer to this question only after we become the creators of our own destiny.

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