Can a whale to shed my skin?

It’s like a big piece of plastic floating in the ocean, but actually it is something much more strange: transparent skin of the sperm whale, which he literally scoured with yourself.

Such renewal of the skin occur during massive accumulations of sperm whales, when a huge number of sperm whales gather together for fellowship, as well as to dry hump each other and take off the “skin”. During these meetings, they lose a huge amount of skin, and produces a considerable amount of feces, which is why in the picture below this muddy water.

“Shedding skin is a natural part antiaritmicheskogo mechanism, which gives the sperm whales the possibility of parasites and other marine life living on their body,” says Luke Rendell, a marine biologist from the University of St. Andrews.

He also notes that sperm whales usually live in small groups of 6 to 12 individuals, but at this gathering, which is fixed in the picture the photographer Tony Wu, you can see up to 70 animals that swim together from several hours to several days.

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