Cape Matapan Caves: Gateway to the Underworld

Cape Matapan is not only a beautiful cape in the south of the Peloponnese, but also a place where there are unique caves, which are considered to be the entrance to the underworld. These caves have existed for millions of years and have attracted the attention of scientists and tourists from all over the world.

Description of the Caves

The Cape Matapan Caves are some of the largest caves in Greece. They were formed over 5 million years ago by natural factors. The caves consist of several halls, which are connected by tunnels. Inside the caves you can see many stalactites and stalagmites, which create an amazing atmosphere.


According to legend, the Cape Matapan Caves were the place where the heroes of ancient Greece descended into the underworld to communicate with the gods. The caves contained sacred springs that were believed to be healing. In ancient times, the caves were used as a place for religious ceremonies.

Scientific significance

The Cape Matapan Caves are of great scientific importance. They contain unique formations that help scientists study the nature and history of the earth. In addition, fossils of vegetation and animals that lived here millions of years ago have been found in the caves.


The Cape Matapan Caves are one of the main tourist attractions in Greece. Thousands of tourists visit them every year to see the unique formations and enjoy the beauty of the place.

“The Cape Matapan Caves are a unique place that should be preserved for future generations. They are of great scientific and cultural importance and attract tourists from all over the world. A program should be developed to protect and develop this unique place,” says Professor Andrey Kuznetsov, an expert in protecting natural landmarks.

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