Changing the Earth’s poles could happen at any time

Once cosmonaut VA Janibekov drew attention to the fact that the rotating nut in weightlessness makes the “tumble” at regular intervals. Researchers are interested in this phenomenon, believing that it will help shed on the mystery of one of the mysterious properties of our planet – the change of the magnetic poles.

However, in contrast to the nut in “effect Dzhanibekova”, change the polarity of the Earth – an irregular event. Between the poles shifts can pass, and a thousand and several hundred thousand years.

In recent years, geologists are increasingly talking about the fact that the movement of the magnetic field of the planet has reached an incredibly high speed – about 64 km / year. But at the beginning of the last century the rate of migration of the pole is 15 km / year.

Offset pole earth metal provides a liquid core, resulting in movement currents which are formed in turn produce magnetic field. The researchers suggest that this process is the basis of the change of the polarity of the magnetic field of the planet. Such phenomena have repeatedly occurred in the past, it proves the ancient literary sources and traditions.

What people have seen during the pole shift

For example, in China during the time of Emperor Yao was an unusual phenomenon: for 10 days, the sun was in the sky, lit up the forest and there are many malicious animals. For ten days the sun shone, and in India, 9 in Iran. And in Egypt, to replace the 7-day “solstice” came the same along the length of the night.

The Indians of Peru preserved the legend of the night, which was five days, and then the ocean left its banks and flooded the land. In many American Indian tribes have a tradition like this. And they present description clattering against each other rocks, waves as high as a mountain, and a long darkness.

Messionery, visited Greenland, heard from the tales of the Eskimos how land is turned over once. Pomponius Mela, referring to the ancient Egyptian manuscript sources, said that from the beginning of their civilization the stars change their course four times, and twice the sun was rising in the west.

These events and told the priests to Herodotus, during his visit to Egypt. Archaeologist found Harris papyrus, which said that the south and north are reversed, and in Syria (Ugarit g) was found text says that the goddess Anat killed residents of the Levant and was replaced by the movement of the stars and luminaries.

Mexican codes contain a description of the four directions of motion of the sun. And in the codes referred to “four prehistoric suns” and the non-points of the compass. The phenomenon of the Earth’s revolution in the codes is called “leaving four hundred southern stars.”

The new North Pole will be in Siberia

It is believed that the last change of the pros occurred about 750,000 years ago and just now maturing the next period of change. Axel Schulte, professor of geophysics at Munich says that the polarity change is always accompanied by a strong field weakening, and this period creates difficulties for living beings.

For many of them, including birds, move along magnetic lines. For example, one version of turtledoves mass death in Italy in 2011 – a disorientation of the disappearance of the magnetic field.

Until recently, the north magnetic pole was in Canada, but now he “drifts” towards Siberia. According to experts, by mid-century it will take his new position. Because of this, European citizens will be able to enjoy the northern lights in their latitudes.

Changing the polarity of the Earth – the event is not suitable for all inhabitants of the planet. Earthquakes, fires, eruptions and floods – all of which can occur as a result of the pole shift. However, scientists do not exclude that another pole shift can pass more smoothly than the previous ones.

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