Children and the connection to the astral world: amazing abilities and perception

Children are a mystery that we have been trying to solve since they were born. They have amazing abilities and skills that are sometimes astonishing. How can they know things that adults cannot see? Many parents encounter a situation where their baby smiles and tells them something while looking at a certain spot in the room. Older children point to an empty spot and talk about the presence of an “uncle” or “aunt” there. This behavior of children alarms parents, but it is actually quite natural.

According to the legends of the ancient Slavs, the domovoy is an invisible spirit of the dwelling that lives near people. If the owners like the domovoi, he helps to look after the children, calms and entertains them. Our ancestors believed that the domovoi can fly and is usually on the ceiling or under the threshold. And this has its explanation, as children often “talk” and laugh while looking at the ceiling. Perhaps they are actually communicating with the houseboy or other beings from the astral world.

Children as young as two years old often make invisible buddies and talk to them. These “invisible buddies” may call themselves by their name and even play with children. Sometimes they take the form of little boys or girls, and sometimes they take the form of unusual animals. Psychologists believe that such a situation can arise from a lack of attention to the child. But even the most sociable and contact children do not hide their mysterious buddies, but on the contrary, try to show them to their parents and introduce them to them.

However, not all creatures from the astral world behave harmlessly. It happens that children cry because some entities frighten them. In such cases, parents turn to witch doctors to help calm the child. There are special conspiracies and rituals that help children fall asleep peacefully.

Recent studies by scientists have shown that infants can perceive many more frequencies than adults. They hear sounds that are inaccessible to us. So when a baby “hums” and laughs, it may be communicating with invisible beings from the astral world.

Children perceive the world in a special way and have amazing abilities. They can see and hear things that adults cannot see. Invisible friends and communication with the astral world are part of their reality. We can only marvel and observe these amazing childlike abilities.

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