China has created a violating laws of physics engine

China reported the creation of a working sample of the EmDrive engine by scientists of the People’s Republic of China, the action of which has not yet been explained in the framework of conservation laws.

The video does not provide technical details. It is claimed that the engine will soon be tested in space. The publication rated the video as “propagandistic”, one of the users of Reddit called the corresponding direction of research “new Lysenko”.

In December 2016, Chinese scientists said that the prototype EmDrive was tested on board the Tiangong-2 space laboratory. Then the details were also not reported.

The EmDrive engine is a device from a magnetron that generates microwaves, and a resonator that accumulates the energy of their oscillations. Externally, the unit resembles a bucket placed on its side. Such a design allows, according to engineers, to convert radiation into traction, which does not find an explanation according to the conservation laws. Power plant based on EmDrive would have reached the edge of the solar system not in a few decades, but in a few months.

In November 2016, a group of NASA scientists published an article about EmDrive in a refereed scientific journal. There it is reported that EmDrive in a vacuum develops a thrust of 1.2 milliemons per kilowatt. The reviewers could not find any errors in the design of the test rig and the unit, and the authors of the work – a retroactivity that responds to the reactive thrust developed by EmDrive, which must be present in accordance with the law of conservation of momentum.

The conservation laws are a consequence of the symmetry properties of space-time. For example, the law of conservation of momentum is a reflection of the homogeneity of space – the equality of its properties, regardless of the point chosen in it, and the law of conservation of energy – the homogeneity of time.

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